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All free overlays are now automatically in the Overlay Builder


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  • What are credits?
    You earn credits every time you refer someone from your stream or social network. Credits can be applied in the Shop.
  • Where do I find the referral link to earn credits?
    You can add a stream banner or generate a custom referral code in the Member Area.

Overlay Builder

  • How do I use the Overlay Builder?
    1. Upload your full size screenshot image of your game (Windows: Press PrtScr then paste onto paint, MacOS: Press Cmd+Shft+3)
    2. Drag and drop your overlay elements from the bottom panel
    3. Press on dragged image to display toolbar. You can then resize, recolor, rotate, or remove your image.
    4. Add in extra elements likes text, social icons, or frames.
    5. Download
  • I uploaded my screenshot, now where’s the content?
    You can find content like overlays, and champions for your overlay builder at the Shop.
  • Why does it say “File Extension Not Allowed”?
    Sometimes your screenshot might be incorrectly saved, so to fix it, you can just go on paint or preview and export the image as .jpg or .png
  • After I drag my image, it disappears and I can’t click or move it!
    This is a known bug that happens if your browser's zoom is anything other than 100%... Please press ctrl+ or ctrl- and make sure it sets to 100%. If you would like to zoom out or zoom into your screenshot, then there are + and - buttons on the side.
  • Why doesn’t the Overlay Builder work for me?
    Please contact me if you find any bugs! Please include your browser and version, and a summary of the problem. Contact


  • I can’t find my purchased overlay!
    All overlays and content you purchase at the shop will automatically be found in the Overlay Builder content tab. They will be sorted by artist so be sure you check all the tabs.
  • Is this all the content you have?
    Definitely not! I will continue to add more content every week! If you are an artist who makes overlays or champion art and want to be featured in our shop, please contact me!Contact


  • How do I stream and use the overlays I created?


    Sign up for an account, and get your stream key, located in your dashboard.  


    You first need a streaming software to apply the overlay. I use OBS but you can also use XSplit. OBS: Download | Tutorial XSplit: Download | Tutorial  


    For Macs you can use Flash Media Encoder... It's a bit more complicated than the PC software for streaming, but it's doable. Flash Media Encoder:  Tutorial  (comes with all download links)  


    You need to create an image layer, and because you created your overlays from a screenshot of your game... The overlay should fit your computer correctly.